After purchasing your investment property, the next key decision you will need to make is whether to employ a property manager to help you, or whether you’ll manage it yourself.

Reliable real estate has a team of experienced property managers can help make sure you receive a reliable income stream, excellent capital growth and the best returns possible – as well as a guarantee of exceptional customer service.
You will receive regular and thorough property inspection reports, copies of all important documents and regularly review rent rates and the local market to help you achieve the best outcome.

We take the hassle out of everything from the day-to-day financials to maintenance – and all the details in between.

A property manager costs approximately 7-10% of your total rental income, however the services and expertise offered by a good property manager is worth much more than this fee, plus in many cases the agents service fee is tax deductable.

The key roles of our Property Manager:

  • Advertising your property for rent
  • Open your rental property for viewings
  • Screening tenants including reference checks, rental history review
  • Manage the condition report process
  • Manage the tenancy agreement signing process and handling questions
  • Manage your financial accounts for the investment property and provide regular reports
  • Inspect the property on a regular basis
  • Organise tradespeople for repairs and maintenance

We have a team of well experienced leasing agents, sales negotiators and solicitors. Our main aim is to ensure that you get best return on your investment with our exceptional products and services.